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Key Benefits

bulletNatural materials have beautiful color variations that are unlike many other products.
bulletNatural stone has texture that creates depth and character.
bulletNatural products will stand the test of time.
bulletNatural finishes add beauty and value to your property.


We handle the installation, restoration and maintenance of granite, marble, terrazzo and other stone finishes. We also offer these other services:

Marble/Granite Polishing
We can bring new shine back to your lackluster marble/granite by cleaning and buffing.
Marble/Granite Diamondizing
We can also remove surface scratches by Diamondizing. This consists of a minimum of a six step diamond honing process whereby different grit diamond pads are used in succession to remove infinitesimal layers of the stone to restore its original brilliance.
Terrazzo Polishing or Crystallization
We can restore the shine to your terrazzo floors by cleaning and buffing. Or we can return that same floor to its original finish by Crystallization. This consists of a multiple step process whereby any dirt and old finishes are stripped from the surface and the floor is machine-buffed using a special diamond polishing procedure that causes the crystals in the terrazzo to pop. The floor is then buffed to a glass-like appearance and protected with a unique formulation to preserve the finish.

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